‘‘Culture, if it is not national, is not culture, likewise a nation, if it is not cultured, is not a nation.”

Garegin Nzhdeh

On January 25, 2021, the Board of Trustees of the Armenian American Museum and Cultural Center of California announced the groundbreaking of a historic landmark – a one-of-a-kind cultural and educational center, the Armenian American Museum. The ceremony will be held in Summer 2021.

After the official announcement regarding the time period of the momentous groundbreaking, the museum presented all the necessary construction documents to the City of Glendale where the center will be built.

The project had long been in the making. And now, when the documents for the plan check are officially submitted, the revelation of the date of the groundbreaking ceremony is closer than it has ever been since the start of the project in 2014.

The design of the building which was unveiled years ago by Alajajian Marcoosi Architects was approved by the city council. Moreover, the project received official permission for a priority plan check. The City Council also waived the plan check and building permit fees. Altogether, these fees are valued at around $670,000

The Armenian American Museum is yet to receive permission to start the construction of the building that is to signify the empowerment of individuals that embrace cultural diversity.

“The highly anticipated groundbreaking of the Armenian American Museum represents a historic accomplishment for our community, and we believe it will be a symbol of hope and spirited resiliency for America, Armenia, and Artsakh during these challenging and unprecedented times,” stated Executive Chairman Berdj Karapetian.

Commenting on the design of the museum, Executive Vice-Chairman Zaven Kazazian added, “The design team has created an iconic and inspiring design to fulfill the vision of the landmark center that is now one step closer to its historic groundbreaking.”

This doesn’t come as a surprise as for the fulfillment of this truly historic project a team of highly competent professionals was gathered, including museum experts and professionals in the fields of constructions, design, and programming.

As stated above, Alajajian Marcoosi Architects developed the design of the landmark. The team also includes Robert Goodwin as the construction manager, IMEG Corp as the structural engineer, Rhyton Engineering and Courtland Studio as the civil engineer and landscape architect respectively.

This is only a part of the team working on the development of the historic landmark. Glumac is responsible for MEP engineering and A. Zahnar Company provides consultancy in architectural metal cladding – a central element in the design of the museum.

The building features a two-story construction. The lobby, auditorium, administrative offices, a learning center, and a demonstration kitchen along with a gift shop will be on the first level of the museum. The second level features exhibit halls for temporary and permanent exhibitions. The second floor is also designed to serve as the museum’s archive.

The overall surface of the Armenian American Museum Complex is 50,820 square feet.

The Armenian American Museum aims to host inspiring exhibitions that will provoke serious discussions. The museum plans to work toward engaging the public in these discussions and educating not only adults but children too. The cultural and educational programs of the museum will be directed toward preserving the Armenian heritage.

The spectacular venue is also bound to become a place of gatherings and celebrations of new milestones reached by the community.

More details on the groundbreaking ceremony of the Armenian American Museum will be provided in Spring 2021. 

For more information, visit https://www.ArmenianAmericanMuseum.org .

The mission of the Armenian American Museum and Cultural Center of California is to promote understanding and appreciation of America’s ethnic and cultural diversity by sharing the Armenian American experience. The vision is a cultural campus that enriches the community, educates the public on the Armenian American story, and empowers individuals to embrace cultural diversity and speak out against prejudice.