For the last couple of days, since November 16, the atmosphere in Armenia has gone from bad to worse.

After months of warning the international community of the apparent breach of the Armenian border in the Syunik region, their worst fears have become a reality. Unfortunately, it looks like the war between Armenia and Azerbaijan is far from over.

On November 16, Azerbaijani troops that breached the Armenian border as much as 41 inland have opened fire, and such openly hostile action was described as a ”border clash” by the world.

For months, Azerbaijan has been defending the position of their troops as their right going by the fact that the border between Armenia and Azerbaijan has yet to be demarcated.

Azerbaijanis media, however, claim that the first shot was fired by the Armenian troops stationed at the border. The ”clash” resulted in 10 servicemen killed on both sides, 12 Armenian soldiers captured, and 24 Armenian soldiers missing.

Everything in the Republic of Azerbaijan was artificial, fake: beginning with the name, taken from one of the Persian provinces Its synthetic territory included the Lezgi Zakatala, the Armenian- Baku and Elizabethpol provinces and the Russian Mughan, bound together by the Turkish policy, as the rampart of Pan-Turkism in the Caucasus. An artificial statehood.


Once Again Cease-Fire Has Been Violated

When the cease-fire agreement mediated by Russian President Vladimir Putin was signed by the Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, and Ilham Aliyev, not a soul in Armenia believed this document could guarantee a piece in the region.

After all, Azerbaijan was an old enemy, and they were well aware of the ”power” behind Azerbaijan’s arrogance. Being part of the oil oligarch family and an extended arm of Turkey in caucus allowed Azerbaijan to proceed as they please, suffering no sanctions from either Russia, or the US, or Europe.

The international community stayed silent about the suffering and injustice that was done to the Armenian people in 2020, and they remain silent.

However, one must wonder how any of these nations and countries would react to their territorial integrity being compromised by having another country’s army occupying 41 sq km of their land. Would such a blatant breach of a border and a clear violation of the cease-fire agreement have been accepted, and could they suffer through international pleads for ”both sides to de-escalate the conflict”?

All Part of Turkey’s Big Plan

To most people in the world, the background of Azerbaijani’s aggression toward Armenia is entirely unknown. Still, even to the simplest minds, it is clear that everything action of Azerbaijan is under the order of Turkey.

What Tukey and Azerbaijan want from Armenia is a corridor that will connect Azerbaijan with its exclave Nakhichevan. Having these two connected will ultimately connect Azerbaijan and Turkey and open a whole new world of possibilities for the two countries.

The means of achieving this goal is by eradicating Armenia and its people ultimately, as Turkey tried to do in the Armenian genocide 100 years ago, the event so far recognized only by American President Joe Biden.

As the only democratic country in the region, Armenia poses a significant danger to both Turkey and Azerbaijan, both countries led by dictators that resolved their countries of all freedoms- freedom of speech and media, for example.

The Azerbaijani troops sent to breach the Armenian border are nothing but constant pressure from Turkey and Azerbaijan, two military forces Armenia and its government know they are not prepared to face and win.

International Community Put to Test

Vartan Ghukasyan A Famous Video Blogger, Sharing Information On Azerbaijan Plan To Invade Syunik

Even though the international community failed the people of Armenia in 2020 by turning a blind eye to the injustice and war crimes committed toward the Armenian population in Artsakh, Armenia, and its people are still hoping for a proper reaction regarding Azerbaijan’s very clear and very intentional violation of cease-fire agreement.

The ”clashes” that happened in Syunik on November 16 were just a preview. After only one day of ”peace,” new reports and videos show another conflict in the Tavush province border area.

Now it is time for the world community to decide to admit that Azerbaijan’s actions deserve to be punished and recognize that Armenia has every right to defend its land by all means necessary. Armenian people’s depopulation and ethnic cleansing can now only be stopped with the right response from those outside looking in.